The Water Island Hotel

The hotel on Water Island went through a number of name changes and physical changes during the period from its' opening on December 22, 1953 up to its destruction by Hurricane Hugo in 1989.

Here is an actual key to Room #9 of the Water Isle Colony Club, donated by long time Water Island resident, Pam Callanan.
                              Water Isle Colony Club Room Key

It operated over the years as; 1953 - 1965 Water Isle Hotel, 1965 - 1977 Water Isle Colony Club, 1978 - 1982 Sugarbird Beach & Tennis Resort, 1982 - 1984 CLOSED, and lastly 1984 - 1989 Sea Cliff Hotel.

Thanks to long-time Water Island resident, Tom McCoy, we now have a token for a FREE DRINK at the Water Isle Hotel.

                           Wooden Nickel FrontWooden Nickel Back

In addition to the Wooden Nickel, Tom let us copy a brochure for when the hotel was known as The Sugarbird Beach & Tennis Resort!

Sugarbird Brocure Sugarbird Brocure

Sugarbird Brocure Sugarbird Brocure

Sugarbird BrocureSugarbird Brocure

Sugarbird BrocureSugarbird Brocure

Thanks for sharing Tom!

Newly Uncovered!

Wow! Look What We Have found!

Tropic Bar At Water Isle Colony Club

Les hemingway Article

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